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pool toysIt’s summer, and officially pool season! Although many folks are more than happy enjoying the pool by splashing around and just relaxing in the water, there are many games and toys which can turn any pool into party central. By having a selection of fun pool toys on hand, and throwing some pool games into the mix, you can turn a regular pool day into a pool party!

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Whether you are relaxing in the pool, playing pool games, or using your pool for exercise–like swimming laps–pool owners must make sure that the pool is not only sparkling and clear but also safe to swim in.

In addition to fun pool toys offered at the retail store, Island Pool and Spa provides everything you need to keep your pool in tip-top shape. We carry all the pool chemicals and supplies you need to make sure your pool is on-point all year round. Additionally, we offer a full variety of pool maintenance services.

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Pool Toys

Although there is an endless selection of pool toys on the market for pool owners to choose from, to generalize, they can usually be broken down into a few basic categories

  1. Inflatables

The classic float is just one type of inflatable pool accessory. There is a wide array of inflatables on the market. From pool loungers with drink holders for you relax to all kinds of fun beach balls to play with to novelties like inflatable swans, this category is one of the largest when it comes to pool toys.

  1. Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are not only a low-cost fun way to float around the pool, but did you know that these inexpensive and versatile pool toys have all kinds of other uses? You can easily use them for fun backyard games like these. Feeling crafty? You can also use these fun pool toys for all sorts of crafts.

  1. Water Guns

Water war time! Water guns are a classic pool toy that never get boring, especially for kids. For old school fun, pick up a few little water guns for the whole family. They’re also a fun addition to goodie bags! Ready to pull out the big guns? Powerful water guns, with titles like “Super Soaker” and “Max Eliminator” take this category to the next level.

  1. Diving Games

Remember the days when the only diving game toys were diving rings? This pool toy category has expanded to include a massive collection of diving accessories. Does your daughter love princesses? There’s a diving game for that.

  1. Sports Games

Sports game pool toys are for more than just the athlete in your family! Get a game of basketball, volleyball or ping pong going to have fun while staying cool! There are even many smaller versions specifically for younger kids so that the entire family can join in the fun.

Pool Games

Marco….Polo! This pool game mainstay never goes out of style and is good for all ages. But, did you know that there are literally hundreds of pool games that are fun for the entire family? Many can fall into categories such as diving games, races, tag and contests–but modified for playing in the pool. Check out a list here. Want to get creative? Take turns making up your own pool games!