Pool/Spa Opening

Remove and put away pool cover, net-out leaves and debris, vacuum, brush surfaces, reassemble and start up filtration and heating systems, complete water analysis and chemical application.

Pool/Spa Maintenance

Weekly vacuum, brush and net debris, balance chemicals, empty skimmer baskets, backwash filter, heating and filtration system check.

Pool/Spa Closing

Clean pool/spa, lower water level, balance water chemistry, blow out lines, shut down filtration and heating systems, clean filter, add winterizing chemicals, and install cover.

Repairs and renovations

Acid washing, resurfacing, tile repair, filter and heater repair, pressure testing, and much more

Winter Service

Clean off leaves and debris from cover, lower water level, and balance pool/spa chemicals.

Follow link to learn more:  Winter Service.

Hot Tub Sales

We are an authorized dealer of Dimension One Spas.

Dimension One Hot Tubs 

Retail Store

Our storefront carries pool/spa chemicals, cleaning tools, swimming accessories, toys, floats, and parts. We also sell Polaris pool cleaning robots and do in-store water testing.