Island Pool & Spa based in Tenafly NJ provides the following extensive list of services to cater to all your pool and spa service needs.

Winterizing Service

Clean pool, vacuum, disconnect pump and filter, add winterizing chemicals, clean filter, skimmer, pump basket, backwash, lower water, cover pool.

Mid-Winter Service

Inspect filter and pump, inspect cover, check the water level, evaluate water chemistry and add chemicals, brush and vacuum pool if necessary, retighten pool cover. Read more about mid-winter service.

Pool Opening

Our pool opening services include removing the pool cover, filter reassembly, equipment reassembly, system startup, debris removal, vacuum and brush pool, on-site water analysis and chemical application.

Pool Closing

Our pool closing and winterizing services includes backwashing filter, lower water level, blowing out all lines, removing accessories, applying chemicals and installing the pool cover.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

We undertake cleaning and maintenance of your pool on a weekly basis, which includes testing the water for its chemical amount, adding chemicals, brushing the pool, backwashing, vacuuming the pool and emptying the skimmer basket.

Retail Store

The retail store has all your pool and spa needs, selling all chemicals, accessories, providing repairs, parts, and test pool water.

Sales and Repair

We repair heaters, pumps, filters and cleaners as well as sell new merchandise.

Pool Renovations, Tile Repair, Acid Wash, Resurfacing

We undertake renovations of existing pools, including repairing the tiles, acid washing and resurfacing.

Hot Tubs

Our retail store sells Dimension One hot tubs. Click here to find out more about choosing a hot tub.

Service Agreement Contract

Click Here for a copy of our Service Agreement Contract.