Island Pool and Spa not only provides services, but you can also find a retail store at our Tenafly, NJ location. From pool toys for the kids to water treatment chemicals—we are your one-stop pool and spa shop.


Our Products

Let’s take a closer look at the products that we offer in our retail store.


  • Chemicals

As anyone with a pool knows, lots of chemicals are needed to keep your water in its best condition. Chlorine, Algaecide, Balancers, Clarifiers, Enzymes, you can find it all at Island Pool and Spa’s retail store.


As an additional benefit to our customers, we offer in store water testing. All you have to do is to bring us a sample of your pool water, and we will test it for you. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.


  • Filters

Pool filters are essential for keeping your water clear. There are three different types of pool filters, Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), Sand, and Cartridge. Find your preferred filter at our retail store.


  • Heaters

Pool heaters help keep your pool the correct temperature and comfortable. There are many different types of pool heating to choose from, such as gas-fired, oil-fired, electric, and solar heating systems.


  • Pumps

Pool pumps keep the water moving in your pool. A good functioning pump is essential for keeping your pool clean and healthy to swim in. Pick up any pool pump that you need in our retail store.


  • Skimmers

Even if you use a professional pool cleaning service—Island Pool and Spa provides this service, go here to find out more—a skimmer is an essential tool. Anytime there are some leaves or other debris in the water, you can use one of our skimmers to get them out.  


  • Vacuums

If you’d prefer not to use a pool skimmer, there is always a pool vacuum. You can find both manual and automatic varieties of pool vacuum in our retail store.


  • Pool Parts and Accessories

Just because a pool part of accessory is not listed here does not mean we don’t carry it. At Island Pool and Spa’s retail store we


  • Fins

If you want to feel like a mermaid or practice your scuba diving, then you should check out our selection of fins. These fit on your feet and help you swim faster and smoother. We carry a lot of different sizes and styles.


  • Goggles

If you or your family will be swimming underwater or doing laps in your pool, you should consider purchasing some of our goggles. They protect your eyes and help make the swimming experience more fun.


  • Pool Toys

No pool time would be complete without toys. Adult and kid, you can find all kinds of fun pool toys and activities in our retail store.


  • Floats

Just as you need pool toys, you also need floats to fully enjoy your pool. We have a wide variety of pool floats available in our retail store. So, you can be sure to find something that fits the pool experience you want.


Hot Tubs

One final product can be found in our retail store: a full line of Dimension One Hot Tubs. Dimension One Spas are known for providing human centered designs at an affordable price. Whether you want a hot tub from their The Bay, Reflections, or @Home collection, we have products for you to look at.

Hot Tub SalesDimension One Spas

We also offer a full line of Dimension One Hot Tubs in our retail store.


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