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Pool/Spa Closings

Pool Closing Bergen County

Pool & Spa Closing Services in Bergen County NJ

Our pool & spa closing services in Bergen County NJ are implemented by professional and experienced pool technicians.

The following services are included: 

  • Clean pool/spa
  • Lower water level
  • Balance water chemistry
  • Blowout lines
  • Shut down filtration and heating systems
  • Clean filter
  • Add winterizing chemicals
  • Install the cover

Why should you have professionals close your pool?

Shutting down your pool for the winter is a crucial service in Bergen County NJ and doing it incorrectly can cause major damage to equipment and the pool’s underground piping. 

What else should you do to prevent damage to your pool during the winter months?

Be sure to take advantage of our Winter Service for Bergen County NJ residents, especially if you have tiles around the top of your pool. We stay open all year round to make sure that nobody goes without service should they need something for their pool or spa during the winter months.

Please call 3-4 weeks in advance of the date you would like us to close your pool.

***The cost of pool closings is “a la carte” and varies based on pool specifics, as everyone has different water features, sizes, number of pumps, etc etc

***Account balance must be current before a pool closing can be scheduled.

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