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Hot Tub Repairs

Hot Tub Services & Repairs

You finally made your dream purchase and are the proud owner of a hot tub. You now can enjoy some quiet and relaxation in your very own backyard and offer a place for your friends and family to socialize.

What happens now that the season is getting colder and you may not be using the hot tub as much?

Well, you will need to do some routine upkeep on your own regarding chemicals and filtration, but you can also take this downtime to get your hot tub ready for the next warm season.

Different types of hot tub services are available and recommended, but completion does not need to occur all at once. Giving your hot tub a run-through to pinpoint any shortcomings or pieces of equipment that could use some upkeep is a good starting point. After you have decided on the needs, there are different hot tub servicing options available.

Below are a few different ways to service your hot tub during the colder seasons:

Hot tub parts repairs:

If you are noticing any small part of your hot tub–be it the pump, air jets, filter, etc.–may not be working at its best, it is a smart idea to get these small working parts assessed by a professional. The evaluation is to avoid a more costly problem occurring over time–ruining more elements that the original problem piece.  Your local Englewood, NJ hot tub service and repair professionals of Island Pool and Spa are fully qualified to provide these assessments.

Each section will be thoroughly examined to find the cause of the issue. Most often, typical causes of damage include items getting caught inside the mechanisms or loose pieces of equipment. Most parts repairs are simple, straight-forward, and inexpensive.

You will need to be proactive if you see any part of your hot tub is working to the best of its ability to avoid costlier problems down the road. The hot tub professionals at Island Pool and Spa will give you a full rundown of any outstanding issues. In addition to carrying a wide variety of hot tubs in their Englewood retail store, their team of experts has several years of experiencing servicing and repairing hot tubs.

Drain, clean, and fill:

Drain, clean, and fill is as simple as its name states. The cold season is an excellent time to get your hot tub drained, cleaned thoroughly, and refilled to ensure bacteria growth does not occur, all pieces are thoroughly cleaned out and working at the top quality, and that the entire hot tub gettings a good scrub down.

Leaving the water in, although it is easier, can cause more problems, both health-wise and with the equipment. You will want to make sure your hot tub is periodically drained and given a good cleaning and assessment.

Leak detection:

Leaks in hot tubs can be quite small–until someone sits in the hot tub the wrong way and a more massive crack occurs. The larger the crack in the hot tub, the costlier it is to fix, so therefore you want to make sure you are giving your hot tub a very detailed glance during the cold season to ensure it has no existing cracks. Cold weather will also cause cracks to grow, so ensuring the cracks are filled and sealed shut before the extreme cold arrives can avoid a costly fix down the line.

These are just a few options for different hot tub services you should be considering when your hot tub is not in full use, and Island Pool & Spa is here to offer these services to you. Our trained professionals provide any and all hot tub services that spa owners need. We know how an investment in a hot tub should be a long-term investment and we are here to make sure your spa is in tip-top shape all year round.

Call Island Pool and Spa of Englewood, NJ to find out how we can help you with all of  your hot tub servicing needs.

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