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Regardless of where you live, it is important to take care of your pool in the winter so that it is ready to swim in as the weather warms up. However, because it can get very cold in the Northeast, it is particularly crucial to pay attention to your pool during the winter months so that you can avoid damage and costly repairs. Use these tips to ensure that your pool is properly maintained while the weather is cold.

Keep Your Parts From Freezing

You should take a second (and third!) look at your motorized parts and pipes. Make sure there is no water in your filter, pool heater or pump. As the temperatures drop, water obviously freezes. If there is water in these areas, damage can occur to your pool. For example, it is not uncommon for the pool pipes to crack in very low temperatures if there is moisture in them.

Invest In A Pool Cover

Because of the brutal winters in the Northeast, you likely closed your pool up some time ago. Do you have a pool cover? This is a necessary investment that protects the pool from the elements as well as any rodents or other pests. It is not enough to simply buy a cover, though. You must perform maintenance on it throughout the winter to ensure that it works as it is supposed to.

For example, keep the pool cover clean. If a lot of snow accumulates on the cover, take a long broom and get as much of it off as you can. If the snow gets too heavy, it could cause problems for the pool. Ideally, you want to get the snow off the cover just after it has fallen because your job will not be as difficult. However, that may not be practical and you must always consider your own safety first.

It is not unusual for debris to build up in the winter, either. Assuming the temperatures aren’t too low, you can clean the cover off with your hose. Just make sure to vacuum up any water that is left behind so that you don’t create a bigger problem.

Keep It Clean!

Don’t forget about your pool water during this time. You don’t want bacteria or algae to grow, so you may have to put in certain chemicals to keep the water clean. Make sure to keep an eye on the situation so that you don’t have a nasty surprise in the spring.

The area around the pool should be kept clean as well, even in the winter. If you allow debris to build up, some of it is going to eventually get into the pool. While the cover acts as an effective barrier, it will not keep out everything.

It is important to maintain your pool all year round, including during the time that you aren’t using it. Proper maintenance allows you to enjoy your pool and also helps you to avoid incurring a lot of unnecessary expenses. Keep a close eye on your pool this winter, and you will be ready to open it back up without issue in the summer! Here at Island Pool and Spa, we are here to help you with all of your pool and spa needs, all year round. Call us today!