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Hot tubs are a great asset to your home no matter what time of year it is, but there is something about still being able to enjoy a nice warm soak in the winter that entices hot tub owners the most.

You are not bound to the warm season in North Jersey to go outside in your bathing suit and feel secure, warm, and peaceful. But, with that being said, there are some safety considerations you need to make. Any season requires safety concerns when it comes to your hot tub, the equipment itself, and you and your family’s safety–but the winter brings a little more issue to the hot tubs use itself.

Being aware of how your hot tub is performing and keeping your body and health safe are the two main components to safe winter hot tub use. Here are some tips for safe and enjoyable winter hot tub use:

Keep water clean and full in the hot tub.

For both health and performance reasons, it is key that the water is clean and full when using your hot tub in the winter. Like any other liquid, if you let the water level reduce, then you run the risk of the water freezing and causing mechanical damage.

For health safety, standing water, or water that has been heated and cooled down too many times runs the risk of bacteria growth. You want to make sure the water is routinely changed. It is best to change before the cold season, even if it throws off your schedule a bit for the water change.

Turn down the jets during the winter.

Jets cause the air to be pushed into the hot tub, and a cold, hot tub is not something you want during a frigid Northeastern winter. While jets are the main component of what makes hot tubs relaxing, they should be turned down. This will keep the water temperature from going below a comfortable range and keep your body and health safe too from getting too cold.

Check mechanical components regularly for damage.

You may think the hot tub is working fine, but the cold air may be making the mechanics such as the jets and filter run a lot harder due to pieces becoming cold, freezing, and that thawing. It may be a good idea to run the hot tub without using it, see how everything is working, and address any issues with how the hot tub runs. Finding and fixing a problem early will cost you way less than waiting until something goes wrong during the winter.

Ensure cover is secure and sturdy.

Your hot tub cover is what keeps the water from freezing, keeps debris out such as leaves, snow, or ice, and is the one item keeping your hot tub safe from the elements, so it plays a key role in winter hot tub safety.

Make time to ensure the hot tub is still functional and also make sure it is properly secured after every hot tub use. Strong winter winds have been known to blow off unsecured hot tub covers, leaving the hot tub open to debris and also becoming a safety risk.

Keep soak times of a minimum.

This bit of advice is more for the people using the hot tub and less about the functionality of the hot tub itself. We, as humans, need to maintain a safe body temperature at all times for our health and safety.

Hot tubs tend to raise your body temperature due to their heat, so when you retreat from the hot tub, your body temperature is much higher, and the degree difference can be trying on your body. Threats such as hypothermia (if you do not go inside quickly), shock, and heart attacks, are all things to consider to when using a hot tub in the winter, it is a good idea to slowly get acclimated to the weather, close up quick, and get back inside.

Here at Island Pool & Spa, we pride ourselves on hot tub knowledge for maintenance and safety. We want our customers to feel confident and safe when using their hot tub during the North Jersey winter months. With that being said, please visit our store for any questions or concerns about your hot tub use. We have a large selection of hot tubs which allows us to know the best approach to winter maintenance and safety regardless of the hot tub you own. Come in and speak with us today!