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Summer in New Jersey is undeniably warm, which is why owning a pool in this area is so nice. However, it does come with a downside, as the costs associated with pool maintenance can be high.  Are you looking for ways to cut back? With summer only a few months away, it’s time to start planning. These five tips will help you save more while you continue to enjoy your swimming pool this year.

Keep The Cover Clean

It is easy to ignore your pool in the winter, when you are not using it on a daily basis. However, one crucial task to stay on top of involves the pool cover; you need to make sure that water doesn’t congregate on top of it, particularly after it snows. In addition, routinely clean any debris off the cover as well. When it is time to open your pool, you will be happy that you spent a few extra minutes over the winter on your cover. You should be able to store the cover to use again, which saves money in and of itself.

Keep The Pool Clean

Most homeowners intend to clean their pool on a weekly basis, but it is amazing how time slips by in the summer. If there is a lot of dirt and gunk in the pool, the chlorine will not last as long and the cost to purchase more can really add up. Also, check your pump and skimmer basket to make sure those are clean as well. By keeping the dirt out, you ensure that the pool will be as efficient as possible.

Turn The Pump On At Night

You may have heard that you should run your washing machine at night, because those are not peak electricity hours and won’t cost you as much money. The same concept applies to your pool pump. Run it in the evening to save money.

Be Vigilant

Stay on top of your pool maintenance. You need to have the right chemical balance, for example, so that algae doesn’t have a chance to grow. Sometimes you have to spend a little money to ensure that you aren’t facing a huge bill in a few weeks or months.

Adjust The Heater

It’s nice to have a heater on your pool, as it extends the amount of time that you can use it. However, much like the heater in your home, you will spend more money the warmer you keep the pool. Particularly if you are not using it, make sure you keep the heater at a reasonable temperature. And, when you are using it, try to set it as low as possible while still maintaining comfort.

You can save money on your pool’s maintenance by following the tips included in this article. If you don’t have the time to properly maintain your pool, get in contact with us at Island Pool and Spa. We’ll make sure your pool has the right amount of chemicals and stays clean from week to week, so you don’t have to worry.