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If you have ever been to a state like Florida or Hawaii, you know that pools tend to be open year-round. Due to the climate and lifestyles in these regions, it is part of the culture to keep pools open year-round which does not require the shutdown that colder states require when the temperature begins to drop.

In the Northeastern part of the United States, when the first leaf falls, many pool-owners begin to close up their pool for the season. It is even more commonplace for pool season to end on Labor Day.

As we get further into Fall and Winter, many savvy home-owners begin making home improvement plans for their outdoor spaces in anticipation of the warmer weather eventually coming our way.

For those in colder states, it may seem like making the leap toward pool ownership is a bit out of reach.

However, the benefits of pool ownership are vast. Here are just of a few of the reasons why–even in cold weather states–you should have a pool:

Owning a pool gives your family a place to relax:

Investing in a pool means investing in yourself and your family. When the weather is warm, you know you will always have a place to go to and spend quality time with your family and friends.

Owning a pool means having a built-in escape from school or work and a place to unwind. And, provides the perfect setting for making new memories.

Pools offer one of the most beneficial forms of exercise.

The health benefits of owning a pool are endless. Swimming is excellent cardiovascular exercise. For those with muscle and bone pain, a pool provides a relaxing and weightless experience to help with muscle, joint, and bone pain.

Instead of making the drive to a community pool, having your own pool is the ultimate in convenience.

A pool gives your home greater value:

What better selling point than saying you have a pool in your backyard?

A pool in the backyard is a prominent selling point when listing a home–just think of that big, bold “POOL” sign under that “For Sale” sign in front of a house. Depending on the pool’s size, location and condition, a pool can add up to $40, 000 to a home’s value!

So, is it worth having a pool in cold weather states?

If you quantify the hours you will be able to spend with family and friends during the open season, the small amount of time needed to close and open the pool is so small in comparison to the fun times you will have with in your new pool.

Island Pool & Spa is here to answer all questions you may have about owning a pool and the upkeep needed during the down season, including opening and closing services, and mid-winter servicing.We offer different pool supplies, services, chemicals, and products to keep your pool in tip-stop shape all year long. Come by our store today.