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When the air begins to become cool and summertime pool days are over, you may look at your pool, wondering what you’re supposed to do next.

You will not only have to clean and shock the pool with chemicals but also clean for leaves and make sure all equipment is shut down to the proper levels for winterizing your pool. However, did you know that you will still need to service and maintain your pool throughout winter?

What does winterizing your pool mean, though? Mostly, it does just mean closing up the pool–but there is more to it than merely leaving the pool alone until the next time you want to open it up.

The best way to ensure that your pool is ready for winter is to contact professionals to perform your closing, as well as enlisting their help for mid-winter services. Island Pool and Spa of Tenafly, NJ has many years of experience performing such winter pool care services.

Below are some tips and timelines you should follow over the winter months:

Before closing:

Before closing, you should make sure the pool is skimmed and thoroughly filtered. Chemicals for keeping algae and other bacteria from growing should used.

Check equipment to ensure no mechanical components are broken such as the filter, pump, and heater. Also, make sure the pool itself is intact for both above and in-ground pools, as this can become costly if not treated before the cold weather comes.

You should give your pool one last major cleaning which will involve leaving your pump on to move water around for a day. Filtering your pool out also needs to be done, by leaving the filter on for the majority of the day. The filter itself and sides of the pool should also be cleaned, and any remaining debris that has sunk to the bottom of the pool needs to be removed.

Lastly, you will want to make sure the pool cover is weighed down for both in-ground and above-ground pools. For above-ground pools, it is also essential that the weights that hold the pool itself down are also checked and adequately secured for bad winter weather.

The best way to make sure your pool is completely ready for winter is by calling a professional. Island Pool and Spa’s pool care professionals provide thorough pool winterizing services to customers throughout Tenafly, NJ area.

During the winter:

During the winter, you will still need to perform routine maintenance of your pool. Suggestions and timelines are below:

Skimming: Any debris that can sneak in under a pool cover can potentially form algae. You do not want to run your filters in the cold on a regular basis so checking the pool monthly for any debris should be done even when it is cold.

Pool Chemistry: pH levels in pools are an integral part of maintaining a clean pool. As previously stated, if debris gets into the pool, the pH level can be the differentiating factor between fast algae growth. A bi-monthly chemical replenishing for your pool can do wonders in keeping the pool clean and bacteria-free

Mechanical maintenance: You should run your pump for 4-5 hours every few days to ensure the water is moving even when the pool isn’t in use. Beyond pH levels and skimming, stagnant water in itself can be dangerous and a breeding ground for bacteria. Having the water circulate, even briefly, can significantly prevent the growth of bacteria.

It is a smart idea to call in a professional for mid-winter service. By getting a professional mid-winter pool maintenance service, you will ensure your pool is on track for opening it when the warmer weather arrives.

These are just a few timelines you should follow if you are a pool owner. Island Pool & Spa of Tenafly, NJ can arm you with the knowledge to keep your pool clean and working during the cold months. Stop in today to talk to our pool and hot tub care professionals about how to maintain your pool throughout the winter season.