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The Northeastern part of the United States gets lovelier when the leaves change color. But, what happens when they begin to fall? Well, if you have a pool it means you will need to do extra clean-up if you have not placed a pool cover over your pool just yet.

That’s why it is so important–if you haven’t already–to follow the process of closing your pool.

You might think that it can be left alone for a while, but in reality, leaving leaves in your pool can cause major headaches and lead to far more work than just taking that pool skimmer across the top.

Here are some reasons why keeping leaves out of the pool is key to a clean and maintained pool.

Leaves Break Down and Cause Bacteria Growth

When the air gets cold, if you haven’t already closed your pool, then you are treating your pool less and most likely not running the filters as much. A pool without leaves may be maintainable at this level of cleaning up, but once leaves begin to fall and decompose in your pool, you will be in for an unpleasant surprise once they are cleared out.

Leaves are an organic material which means they will decompose and rot over time. The more leaves, the more bacteria. The smell will become worse, the bacteria will grow on the sides, and you will now have not only to turn the filters on and skim the pool but also will have to clean the sides and scrub. This headache could be avoided by actively keeping the leaves out.

The Leaves Can Clog Filters and Cause Them to Break

In the summer you may find small pool toys and floaties in your filter if left unattended, so you know how quickly things can get sucked into the pool filter. This same instance comes into play with leaves and can cause one big and costly headache.

Leaving leaves in the pool can cause the filter to become clogged, and if you are running the filter, even periodically, during the cold season, the leaves can clog it up enough to stop functioning and cause the mechanism to burn out completely. Not only is this an avoidable situation, but it is costly as well.

Leaves Can Become a Headache to Clean

Beyond cost and health factors, leaves can become an annoyance to clean out of your pool. While still intact, you can quickly skim them out, but once rotted and broken, the leaves will become small, mushy and harder to clean. Leaves may begin to sink to the bottom of your pool, which you will then need to vacuum–and hope the vacuum does not become clogged with decomposing leaves. This will add cost, time, and effort on your part to a situation that was not needed or wanted in the first place.

The easiest way you can avoid these situations is to clean out your pool immediately and proceed with the closing process.

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