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Opening your Bergen County New Jersey pool can sometimes be a headache. There’s a lot involved in opening your pool. It’s not possible to simply take off the cover and jump in, no matter how much you may want to do so

Pool temperature

The longer you wait to open the pool, the more of an increase in water temperature and therefore more of an increase in algae production and eventually staining. Opening a pool when the water is below 60 degrees will help reduce any algae growth and staining that may require greater efforts to get the pool in swimming condition. Algae growth on the open may also become a season-long headache, so it is best to get the pool open and filter running while there is still a chill in your water.

Pool cover and backyard foliage

For people with lots of trees and bushes around their pool, the type of cover is going to play a more important role. Mesh covers will collect leaves and debris during the winter, which sits on top and eventually disintegrates into the water, causing the water to turn green/brown and will require more time vacuuming and netting out the debris. When leaves sit on top of the cover and turn the pool water brown, we call that the “teabag” effect. Similar to a cup of tea, the leaves steep in the pool water the whole winter and into early spring. People that have solid covers on their pools won’t have these issues due to the material being impermeable. These pools should open much cleaner and be ready to swim in a fraction of the time.

Ph Levels

It’s important you maintain the proper PH water levels in your pool. Proper PH levels help keep your pool water crystal clear. Other pool components such as your heater &  pump. Having improper PH levels will also cause skin and eye irritation. Make sure to buy the proper Pool chemicals. If It’s too much to do, leave it to us. Contact us today to schedule your pool opening.

About Island Pools & Spa of Tenafly New Jersey

Here at Island Pools, we work all year round and offer a winter service for your pool! We come by twice during the winter months to clear off debris from the cover, pump down the water, and add liquid shock chlorine as well as an algaecide. This is good practice to keep your pool water healthy and to prevent winter damage to the cover or tiles. It should also help the pool open a bit easier come the Spring.

We in the pool business know that Memorial Day is the first of two “bookends” for people in the North East signifying the start of the pool season, with the other being Labor Day signifying the end.  Make your appointment with us as early as possible to get your preferred pool opening date and make sure to consider the points made above to be sure that your pool will be ready for your holiday BBQ!

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