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Hot tubs are great additions to any household, but only if you are going to make sure to put the effort in to keep them clean. Without chemicals, hot tubs can become breeding grounds for germs and will no longer be enjoyable to relax in.

Island Pools & Spa wants to ensure that when you purchase a hot tub from us, that you also are completely knowledgeable on what chemicals are needed to keep your hot tub clean and usable so that you can jump in and relax anytime you wish. Our trained professionals are ready to answer all your questions regarding hot tub chemicals and hot tub upkeep for cleanliness.

Continue below to gain a general understanding of how hot tubs work and how they should be cared for chemically.

The Basics of Hot Tub Upkeep

  1. Take your hot tub filter out and clean it monthly with a hose. Do not spray water too hard on the surface of the filter, but strong enough to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Do not leave hot tub water in for longer than four months. The water will begin to be unfit for you and your family to sit in, even with a filter. Routine water removal is key to keeping the hot tub safe and enjoyable.
  3. Weekly checks on your skimmer will ensure the filters and other devices work properly in your hot tub. A clogged skimmer will make work harder for all other mechanisms. Check for leaves and other debris.
  4. Sanitize the hot tub with chemicals. Using many of Island Pools & Spa chemical products will help keep your hot tub from creating any mold or algae buildup for times when it is not being regularly used.

Using your spa regularly will benefit and create a healthier hot tub for you and your family by moving the water around and also greater use means more regular care of the hot tub as well.

Chemicals you should use for Hot Tubs


Bromine treatment for your hot tub will take longer to dissolve when placed in the water. Initial costs for bromine are higher than chlorine, but due to the treatment lasting longer, the prices will even out with continued use.


Chlorine treatments dissolve quicker than bromine so you can use your hot tub faster. This is because chlorine tends to dissolve faster in colder water than bromine which requires more heat. Chlorine is cheaper but doesn’t last as long as bromine, so prices equal out over time.

Hot Tub Considerations

Test Alkalinity

Test Alkalinity before all other tests. A test in alkalinity will ensure other tests such as pH won’t fluctuate. Alkalinity should fall between 80ppm and 120ppm in your hot tub.

Know Your pH Levels

The ideal range you want to be in is 7.2 to 7.8 for pH in your hot tub. Testing strips should be used to test pH levels of your hot tub.

Shock the hot tub

Shocking your hot tub eliminates bacteria and will require you to use fewer chemicals in the long-run. There are two types of shock treatments:

  • Chlorine shock-can be used as a sanitizer or shock for your hot tub. Best for first-time treatments, but then non-chlorine can be used for subsequent cleanings.
  • Non-chlorine shock-used regularly for maintenance once the initial chlorine treatment is completed for your hot tub.

Drain the hot tub

Draining your hot tub eliminates the risk of standing water and bacteria growing for when you do not use your hot tub. Draining every four months is a best practice for your hot tub maintenance. Using Island Pool & Spa chemicals after new water is placed in will ensure that your hot tub will stay clean until your next drainage.

Hot Tub Chemical Safety

  • Keep chemicals in a cool and well-ventilated area when not using them
  • Keep chemicals out of reach of children and animals, chemicals can be deadly.
  • Do not use more than instructed on any Island Pool & Spa chemical treatments.
  • Do not mix chemical treatments
  • Do not handle any food or drinks after performing a chemical treatment for your hot tub
  • Do not enter the hot tub for a few hours or otherwise listed on the chemicals
  • Always observe your hot tub for any algae and bacteria growth before entering a hot tub. If algae or other bacteria is noticed, treat immediately and do not use the hot tub.


At Island Pool and Spa, we want to provide you with the knowledge and chemicals needed to keep your hot tub clean and spotless for whenever you want to use it. Our Tenafly store is equipped with all chemicals you need for your hot tub as well as trained professionals who are ready to answer all questions you may have about the chemical upkeep of your hot tub. Stop in the store today to find out more.