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Easter has passed, and springtime is near. While it may not be soon enough for some, it is time to start considering your springtime pool maintenance plan so that your pool’s ready when you are. If you properly closed up your pool at the end of summer, it shouldn’t be too difficult to reopen for the spring and summertime swimming to commence.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re opening up your pool in the spring. You want to be sure that it is done safely and properly to ensure a good time is had by all when the first dip in the pool is had. Here are a few tips to use for your pool maintenance in the springtime and how you can have a successful reopening of the pool.

Pool Cover Maintenance

Before you begin, you need to carefully drain any water or condensation from the pool cover and clean it as well. During the winter months, you’ve probably had leaves and debris fall onto the cover. Melting snow or rain has also collected onto the cover as well. Using a cover pump can get rid of most, if not all, of the water on the cover. Removing the debris yourself will also reduce the chance of those leaves and twigs getting into the pool itself when you take the cover off. This will also make it easy to store your cover for winter closing of the pool as well.

Check Water Levels

Before starting any of the pool equipment back up, be sure that the water levels in your pool are where they should be. You can easily toss in the hose pipe and refill it to the normal level which is typically around the middle of your skimmer. You want to make sure that your water levels are where they need to be before turning on the equipment as this could cause problems with your pool pump if not.

Connect Everything

In most cases, pool owners disconnect their pool equipment during the winter. If you had winterizing services done on your New Jersey pool, then you need to reconnect everything back so it runs properly. Once everything has been properly reconnected you can start it up and begin the circulation of the water again.

Test the Water

You want to test the water and see where your chemical levels are at. One part of the springtime pool maintenance requirements is  getting the proper pH levels back into your pool. You also need to know the alkalinity and the chlorine levels that are present. You can get a testing kit at your local pool supply store, so you can keep an eye on the levels throughout the summer time as well. You can then adjust your chemicals as the test advises you to get the proper levels.

Cleaning the Pool

One huge part of springtime pool maintenance is cleaning the pool. You will need a vacuum and brush to make sure the walls are cleaned and the debris to large for the skimmer is removed. This will help you to keep a sparkling pool throughout the spring and summer swimming seasons.

Be sure to contact Island Pool and Spa for all your springtime pool maintenance needs. We can assist you with getting the pool opened, running, and keeping an eye on it throughout the summer.