At Island Pool & Spa, we know that the winter can be a hard time if you own a pool and live in the cold Northeastern part of the country, such as New Jersey. Between closing up your pool for the season and the need for upkeep, it can seem like a lot. Luckily, our trained professionals are available for mid-winter services to help keep your pool in excellent shape for when pool season comes around.

Leaving a pool untouched during the season is not a wise idea–it can lead to costly damages and extra services that will be needed for the pool opening once the weather becomes warmer. This is why using Island Pool & Spa for your mid-winter servicing needs will yield the best and least costly results when taking care of your pool.

Some of our service offerings include:

Inspect filter and pump

We take the time to ensure that the filter and pump are not blocked by any debris that may have still been inside the pool upon closing. We will also check the power of both the filter and pump to make sure all are working efficiently and correctly. A broken pump or filter can be costly, and one working at a lower speed can increase the need for electric output–increasing your bill as well.

Inspect cover & retighten cover

Your pool cover is your only defense against debris forming during periods of less use. If it is ripped or has any other defects, it puts the pool equipment at risk of clogging, and the pool at risk of bacteria build-up. We will take the time to ensure the pool cover is intact and will re-tighten it upon completion of the servicing.

Check water level & evaluate water chemistry and add chemicals

You want to make sure your pool is not losing water, as the water acts as a weight during the winter time. While the risk of freezing water may seem like a threat to your pool’s stability, as long as you are servicing it mid-winter, there should be no structural issues. We will evaluate the water chemistry and add chemicals as needed to keep bacteria out of your pool and the water at the proper pH level. If water is needed to be added, we will add the water as well if the pool seems to be low.

Any extreme loss of water will also be evaluated, and the structure will be examined for leaks.

Brush and vacuum pool

Any algae build-up needs to be addressed promptly which is why a mid-winter servicing is key to ensure the pool is healthy and no bacteria or algae build-up on the walls and floor is occurring. A brushing and vacuuming will be done to clean any algae already existing and will also break up any algae that may not have formed yet but may begin to in the future.

Keeping your pool clean and in peak shape–even during a cold New Jersey winter–is key to the health and stability of your pool and its equipment. Calling Island Pool & Spa to schedule a servicing is the next step you should take to keep your pool functioning properly–no matter what the season.