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There’s a lot involved in opening your pool for the summer in Bergen County NJ. It’s not possible to simply take off the cover and jump in, no matter how much you may want to do so. Opening a pool properly is an important part of keeping it well maintained, and it also helps ensure the safety of everyone swimming in the pool. If you are gearing up for a summer of water fun, use the following tips to help you get your pool in order.

Below Are Great Tips On How To Open Your Bergen County NJ Pool

Take Off The Cover

The first step in this process is to clean off the top of the cover and remove it from the pool. If there is water on the top, you will need to use a submersible pump before moving forward. Make sure to clean your cover and let it dry before you put it away. If you store the cover while it is still wet, it will likely be ruined when you try to close up your pool for the winter.

Make Sure Everything Is In Good Working Order

What kind of shape is your pool equipment in? Make sure the filter is working well. Check out the pump and pay attention to how it is functioning. Look at the skimmer to make sure the water is flowing in and out of it properly. Look for any issues that might cause problems down the line. Does anything need to be cleaned or repaired? If so, it is best to get a jump on that before the summer is in full swing. It will be much harder to try and fix the pool when all you want is to cool off during a hot day.

Attend To The Water Level

Turn the power to your pool back on. Make sure the valves are closed. Put water in the pool and get rid of any debris or dirt that pops up. Get the pool system running again, and don’t worry if you see air bubbles at first. They will go away after the pool runs for a little bit.

Bring In A Professional

Get your water tested by a professional before you open it up to swimmers. At Island Pool and Spa, we are happy to perform an on-site water analysis and chemical application. And, if the process of opening your pool seems overwhelming to you, we are happy to reassemble your filter and equipment, as well as take off your pool cover and deal with any debris that may be lingering.

In Bergen County, New Jersey, it is best to open your pool before the temperatures soar too high and the pollen becomes unmanageable. Both of these issues can cause problems that you likely want to avoid. However, there is no reason to try and complete all the steps in one day. You can work on them a little at a time, over a week or two, so that you get it all done without any associated stress. Before you know it, your pool will be ready to go!


points made above to be sure that your pool will be ready for your holiday BBQ!