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While figuring out what your new year’s resolution may be, perhaps you can add “purchase a hot tub” to the list. This may make people scratch their heads a bit because this is a purchase instead of a resolution, but allow us to explain.

When you purchase a hot tub, yes you are buying a tangible item– but, inadvertently, you are also purchasing an experience as well. There are benefits to owning a hot tub beyond just the ownership, and we want to help point those subtle little bonuses out to you.

Below is an Island Pools & Spa New Year’s resolution list and info about how purchasing a hot tub can help you succeed in your resolutions in 2018:

I want to spend more time with my family:

Spending time with family can be made more accessible by having a hot tub. You can all take some time in the afternoon or after dinner just to sit in your hot tub and discuss your day or just enjoy each other’s company.

All of our hot tubs have enough room to fit your family, and it just comes down to picking the style in which you see fit for your family.

I want to take more time for myself:

Hot tubs are a great way to escape your life even just for a few minutes or as long as you need to unwind. You can put on some music, turn on the massagers or bubbles, and just close your eyes and relax.

All of our hot tubs come with different options for massaging and other calming devices to help you feel calmer and happier.

I want to be healthier in 2018:

While a hot tub is a calming experience, there are still many health benefits of owning a hot tub. If you are currently suffering from pain from arthritis and other bone and muscle disorders, the hot tub offers a wonderful place to feel weightless and alleviate some of your body’s stress.
For those suffering from tension headaches, back pain and other issues due to sitting all day at work, you will feel better once you use one of our hot tubs to take care of your body.

I want to do something different in 2018:

Take your fun outside! Having a backyard retreat available for your friends and family is a welcome change from sitting on the couch watching T.V.
While we cannot speak for everyone, if any of the above resolutions have made it to your new year’s resolution list, you may want to consider the purchase of a hot tub to be just what the doctor ordered.

Island Pool & Spa is ready to answer all your questions when it comes to purchasing a hot tub. Contact us today for more info.

Happy New Year!