Pool Ownership in the Northeast

  If you have ever been to a state like Florida or Hawaii, you know that pools tend to be open year-round. Due to the climate and lifestyles in these regions, it is part of the culture to keep pools open year-round which does not require the shutdown that colder states require when the temperature… Read more »

Planning for Winter: Winter Pool Care Tips

When the air begins to become cool and summertime pool days are over, you may look at your pool, wondering what you’re supposed to do next. You will not only have to clean and shock the pool with chemicals but also clean for leaves and make sure all equipment is shut down to the proper… Read more »

Keeping Your Pool Leaf-Free

The Northeastern part of the United States gets lovelier when the leaves change color. But, what happens when they begin to fall? Well, if you have a pool it means you will need to do extra clean-up if you have not placed a pool cover over your pool just yet. That’s why it is so… Read more »

Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

  Owning a hot tub is a dream for many homeowners, but many people think that it is out of their reach. However, there are so many benefits of hot tub ownership, some of which people who are on the fence may not be aware of. Hot tubs offer luxury, relaxation and health benefits. Read… Read more »

Hot Tub Chemicals

  Hot tubs are great additions to any household, but only if you are going to make sure to put the effort in to keep them clean. Without chemicals, hot tubs can become breeding grounds for germs and will no longer be enjoyable to relax in. Island Pools & Spa wants to ensure that when… Read more »

Island Pool & Spa

Closing Your Pool

  We’re getting close to that time of year! With Memorial Day over and the kids going back to school, summer will be over before we all know it. Don’t despair–there is still plenty of time for fun-packed pool days and backyard BBQs! However, it’s wise to begin thinking about how you plan on closing… Read more »

Everyone in the Pool: Pool-time Fun and Games

It’s summer, and officially pool season! Although many folks are more than happy enjoying the pool by splashing around and just relaxing in the water, there are many games and toys which can turn any pool into party central. By having a selection of fun pool toys on hand, and throwing some pool games into… Read more »

Planning a Summertime Pool Party

Summer is a magical time of year for so many reasons, one being the summertime soirees. Warm, sunny days and breezy, balmy nights lend themselves well to BBQs, dinner parties–and of course, pool parties. Whether you’re planning a 4th of July get-together, a kids’ pool party or a casual family BBQ, keep the following in… Read more »

Summertime Pool Care

Summer Pool Safety

Summertime has arrived–and that means lots of vacation time, beach time and pool time! However, fun in the water means it’s time to talk about water safety. By taking important safety precautions and–most importantly–staying close and alert, you will be able to relax knowing that your loved ones are safe in the water this summer…. Read more »

Summertime Pool Care

Summer is practically upon us! That means summer vacations, family BBQs and plenty of fun in the sun. Best of all, it means plenty of pool days! Is your pool ready? Summer pool time also means treating your pool with plenty of TLC. Since it will be in regular use, it’s important that you make… Read more »